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pandora bracelets

Denmark jewelry brand Pandora jewelry (Pandora) for creating high-quality jewelry animation everlasting charm has spread around the world, is the third largest global sales jewelry brand. Pandora jewelry (Pandora) with beautiful way the unforgettable moment capture life, create beautiful ornate, consummate craft jewelry, obtained the world consumer's favor.

In 1982, <a href="">pandora bracelets</a>(Pandora) was established in Denmark Copenhagen first retail, has now in 47 countries has more than 10,000 counters, including 260 house Pandora jewelry (Pandora) brand concept store. Pandora jewelry (Pandora) brand of inspiration from Greek mythology.

Prometheus (Prometheus) stole heaven to earth itwith him. Zeus (Zeus) in retaliation Prometheus, HeFei stowe, ordered vulcan Hephaestus) created a (beautiful woman Pandora), and Pandora (to the gods largesse to make Pandora can easily tempted to mortal. Intelligence goddess Athena (Athena) gave Pandora colorful costumes, god love LuoDai Wendy (eve Aphrodite) gave Pandora goddess of beauty, charm, the HeFei stowe created the necklace gave Pandora. Zeus gave Pandora a box, but not her open, then took her to the earth. Pandora have intense curiosity, she finally failed to withstand temptation, opened the box. When she looks into the box, all the later made human suffering from the disease, a demon escaped in the box. Fortunately, finally box and a good elf, represents hope and opportunity. Hence, Pandora jewelry (Pandora) also represents luck and hope.

Pandora jewelry (Pandora) project LuoEnFu LanDeSen division and lish beth boon debbi larson, want to help women realize a in the crowd can still personality, remarkably outstanding outstanding effect, let them through the design of their own jewelry, express your personality. Pandora jewelry (Pandora) released in 2000 and Pandora pendant bracelet big popular, thus achieved significant breakthrough. Thus, Pandora jewelry (Pandora) development orientation and steering a flywheels patent concept: the extraordinary adobe bracelet, selecting pendant and combinations of personalized bracelet.

In Pandora jewelry (Pandora) design concept, to provide customers with personalized jewelry opportunity is a very important part. Lish beth boon debbi larson explained: "we want to let a female free self expression. You can completely according to their ideas to create any Pandora jewelry appearance combination."

LuoEnFu LanDeSen immediately after say: "the customer Pandora many different styles of collecting Pandora to match their original jewelry, it can match you peerless shackled antique jewelry, also can and style fashion modern jewelry match."

From 1982 on, Pandora jewelry (Pandora) after nearly 30 years of successful operation and development, has launched more than 18 types of design. Pandora jewelry (Pandora) concept is to create excellent workmanship, charming and full of contemporary breath, in this concept combined jewelry on bright, formed by the design way for interactive Pandora) is the Pandora jewelry (exclusive signboard. Pandora jewelry (Pandora) entered the United States from 2003, 2004 into Germany and Australia on, Pandora jewelry (Pandora) on six continents gradually 47 countries to establish sales channel, become world-famous world brand.


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